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In our cultural tour “Lafkenche” you will have the opportunity to meet the most relevant ethnical group in the country: the Mapuche community. This CulTour Mapuche (“Lafkenche” means “people of the coast” in Mapudungun), will bring us towards the Pacific Coast of the Araucanía. Waiting for us will be a day full of exuberant culture and an interesting visit to the beautiful coastal region. Respecting the traditions and natural environment, we will head towards Temuco and later, to the Lake Budi area. During this tour, you will have the experience of travelling to one of the few salt lakes in South America, where we will learn the history of Puerto Saavedra and the culture of the Lafkenche Mapuche. We will visit different sectors affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 1960 (9.5 on the Richter scale), while enjoying the marvelous experiences of the rural life and native flora. Our tour will continue going towards "Cerro La Mesa", the place where a child was sacrificed in order to calm the tsunami. We will continue to learn the different Lafkenche initiatives of Lake Budi and eat a typical lunch in this original town. Later, we will continue heading to Puerto Domínguez, a town that started in 1902, as a colonized business, where we will observe an artisanal fishing cove and will view the wildlife Lake Budi has. In the historic city Carahue, we will have the opportunity to go to the Locomobiles Museum before returning to Puerto Saavedra bordering the Imperial River. We will return to Pucón that night. With our CulTour Mapuche, we help constructing markets with identity and collaborate with the development of the economies of the indigenous towns within the Araucanía Region.

Sustainability & Level of Difficulty

altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact with the Culture and People: turismo sustentable sostenible social cultural
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact and Preservation of Nature: turismo sustentable sostenible medioambiental 3.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwStimulation of the local Economy: turismo sustentable sostenible economico
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwLevel of Difficulty: tour activity actividad excursion

Departures Duration Minimum Passengers
every day;
7:00 hours
12 - 14 hours in total
(4 -5 hours of activity)
four people *


*All the activities are also available as private service as long as your group includes the minimum passengers. Please consult for the private fares.