Sustainable Tourism Experiences

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ELEMENTOS is on the way to change its developing of business to become a sustainable, innovative and successful company, with commitment and respect for the environment, for people and their culture and for the benefit of local development.

We are currently designing and implementing sustainability for the ELEMENTOS Tour Operator and the ELEMENTOS Hostel. While searching for new solutions, we have implemented a Sustainable Management System and expect to generate concrete results in social, environmental and economic dimensions.

As manager of sustainable tourism we are following the Global Criteria of Sustainable Tourism (CMTS) for the implementation of the International Standard for Sustainable Tourism "Smart Voyager", with high standards of quality, differentiation and leadership in the national tourism industry.

Some actions we have already implemented:underline mini

Environmental Sustainability

sostenibilidad medioambiental Initiatives for saving water and energy in our hostel and office
sostenibilidad medioambiental Use of biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products

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Recycling and monitoring of waste volume
sostenibilidad medioambiental Installation of a compost
sostenibilidad medioambiental Appeal to our guests and passengers to join our sustainable campaigns
sostenibilidad medioambiental Collection of garbage in the street during our free Pucón City Tour

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Our guides always carry a garbage bag to the tours to gather waste of unconscious people

sostenibilidad medioambiental Installation of a vegetable garden and planting of native trees
sostenibilidad medioambiental Use of dry firewood for our combustion
sostenibilidad medioambiental We reduce our carbon footprint by prefering local suppliers
sostenibilidad medioambiental We offer every passenger to neutralize his carbon footprint by planting native trees

Sociocultural Sustainability
sostenibilidad sociocultural We are part of the Sustainable Tourism Commission of the Environmental Council of Pucón
sostenibilidad sociocultural We are part of the Eco Network of Sustainable Tourism of the Araucania
sostenibilidad sociocultural We help to raise the sterilization of stray dogs in Pucón
sostenibilidad sociocultural We offer employment to local people
sostenibilidad sociocultural We respect customs of local people and ethnic Mapuche groups and we invite them to share with our guests and passengers
sostenibilidad sociocultural We inform our passengers of the appropriate form of respectful behavior in ethnic areas
sostenibilidad sociocultural We support the project Fejup, which aims to bring young people of high social risk populations together with nature

Economical Sustainability
sostenibilidad economica We prefer local suppliers and reinvest our revenues, if it is possible, in the community: our bread, jam, cheese, eggs, milk and hygiene products, etc.
sostenibilidad economica We give employment to local people and respect the laws
sostenibilidad economica We offer training opportunities to our suppliers, sales channels, guides and employees
sostenibilidad economica We deal with prices that allow us to pay fair wages to our employees, to fulfill our obligation to pay VAT and the insurance for adventure tourism for the activities that require it

In the process, we are accompanied by the team of facilitators of CAMINA Sostenible - Escuela de Turismo & Desarrollo Sostenible (School of Tourism & Sustainable Development).