Extension: Airport Transfer
CulTour Mapuche "Artesanía Mapuche"underline mini

In our combination of the Temuco Airport Transfer and CulTour Mapuche “Temu-ko Waria”, you will have the opportunity to meet and learn about the most relevant ethnical group in the country: the Mapuche community, before you continue with your trip. This ancestral meeting will be an experiential visit with the Mapuche community in a town nearby to Temuco, “Moquehue” (In Mapudungun: place of the Maquis), where they develop cultural activities with local people. This sustainable touristic experience invites you to see the live Mapuche culture, share with its members, and learn about their lifestyle. We will visit an authentic "Ruka" (in Mapudungun: house), where the "ngen ruka" (in Mapudungun: owner of the house) will greet us in the Mapuche way in his native language. In the inside of the Ruka, we will learn about its special distribution, the typical materials it is constructed of, and all of the elements that compose it such as utensils, tools, and crafts. During an abundant typical lunch with local products combined with a touch of the modern kitchen, we will have plenty of time to share the table with our Mapuche guests, who will tell us about the aspects of their culture, history, and actual situation today. The participants will be able to enjoy a pleasant conversation around the stove while the meal is prepared in order to learn the techniques of the roast on a stick and help with the preparation if you would like. Depending on how much energy we have, we will conclude our visit by participating in a traditional Mapuche sport called "Palin", a game similar to hockey. Within a half hour, we will arrive at the airport in order to relax on your flight towards your next destination. This CulTour Mapuche “Temu-ko Waria” can also be done on arrival to the Araucanía before your transfer to Pucón or whatever other destination inside the IX Region or the area of Volcanoes, Lakes, and Rivers. Schedule of the activity 11:00 until 16:00 approx. Conditions: • The activity needs a minimum of 10 people and if less people arrive on the day of the activity, the entire group will be cancelled. • The duration of the activity is approximately 5 hours. • The uncorking of wine and liquor is allowed as long as administration is advised prior. • One can extend the schedule of the activity in order to include other cultural activities.

Sustainability & Level of Difficulty

altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact with the Culture and People: turismo sustentable sostenible social cultural 2.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwContact and Preservation of Nature: turismo sustentable sostenible medioambiental 1.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwStimulation of the local Economy: turismo sustentable sostenible economico 3.fw
altura-iconos-sustentables.fwLevel of Difficulty: tour activity actividad excursion 2.fw

Departures Duration Minimum Passengers
every day;
Confirm time
5,5 hours in total
(2,5 - 3 hours of activity)
four people *


*All the activities are also available as private service as long as your group includes the minimum passengers. Please consult for the private fares.